Kleuren van Licht 

Silent Music

Ten years after the NDE I suddenly heard a kind of "internal music" that I could record. At that time I had seriously started to try to balance my feelings about "there" and "here". This music was a great help.

I did not "compose" the music, I only could record what I heard internally. As soon as I tried to make even the smallest change, the music disappeared. On this way new music comes into existence still. Since 1999 I bring it "into the world" on CD. I call these compilations "Silent Music" because this title describes how I experienced the heavenly music: Not audible with the ear, but filling every fibre of the soul, warming, soothing and cherishing.

The music you hear on this page is called "Playing children in Summerland". Until now I receive new insights and views about my NDE; this piece of music accompanies the vision of the arrival of young children after their "death" in a heavenly garden.
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On this website you can listen to samples of almost every piece of music I received: Silent Music
On from October 1th I present every week (or fortnight) a selection of about half an hour of music for a quiet, meditative moment on Heaven Radio
If you like to have the music on CD, please make your choice on Silent Music

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Rob Schlebaum, 2009