Kleuren van Licht 

While painting this picture I experienced going through the "tunnel" again: The Light getting stronger and stronger, but never blinding, speeding up and up...

Later on I started to feel that I had a small particle of this Light in my own heart, a spark the Creator gave me - and all of us - as the base of our existence.

Welcome @ "Kleuren van Licht"

The title translates: "Colors of Light".

On this website I present some of the paintings I made, 20 years after a Near-Death Experience. The page "about my NDE" tells more.

The links singing bowls and photocards explain themselves.

On the page "pick a color" you can enjoy the power of the rainbowcolors, in different combinations.

On the site "Silent Music" you can listen to samples of almost every piece of music I recorded since the flow started, about ten years after my NDE. You can also listen to a sample on the page music on this site.

Thank you for visiting!