Kleuren van Licht 
 about my NDE
Near-Death? Death doesn't really exist.
In 1981 I had a "Near-Death Experience". I consider this name as not correct, the intuition I had as a child was confirmed: There is no such thing as "Death".

Of course, I understand that the feelings of loss of a loved one can be very difficult to deal with, but I would wish everybody the feelings of certainty that there is no definitive separation or loss.

My experience lasted maybe three minutes "earth-time", but the inspeakable beauty kept me busy every day since. It took me a long time to bridge the gap I felt between the Love "over there" and the way things go "here".
Colors of Light
Almost twenty years after my short journey I started to see colors that "needed" to be painted; during my attemps to catch these wonderful colors on the canvas I felt the reconnection with feelings I had so long longed for, in the present time, in the Now.

I was offered the choice to go back to earth or to stay, but preceding the choice I was asked to look back and suddenly I could feel the sorrow my dear beloved wife would have when I would stay; this knowledge started my voyage back to earth.

Ten years later I suddenly internally heard soothing and comforting music; I could play this music and make recordings. This music helped very much to soothe the still strong feelings of homesickness I had.

I bring this music out on CD since 1999; on the site Silent Music you can listen to samples of almost every piece I received. You find a short introduction on this site on the page music.

Luckily I could let go of the frustration not being able to paint what I saw; I am still very happy with the (very) small part I could.

On the pages "pick-a-color" I offer a possibility to enjoy the effect of the colors of the rainbow.

I wish you a good time with the
"Colors of Light"